Alphonsa College Thiruvambady

Gender Equity

ACT upholds an egalitarian gender consciousness and compels all its stakeholders to adhere to the same.  It strongly believes that no one is born inferior or weaker because of their birth in a particular gender.  Real education, ACT holds, must enable everyone to respect the other gender and amaze at the beauty of diversity in talents and worldviews, be it a male, female or a transgender.  ACT has various projects to boost up self-confidence in one’s gender status, to confront the challenges of every walk of life and also to track nefarious behaviour devaluing other gender identities.

Women Welfare Cell: More than a monitoring agency to deal with the grievances, WWC acts as a platform to think and act together celebrating the women identity.  WWC provides opportunities for female students to share their ideas, to set their goals and to know the career opportunities and life possibilities ahead.  WWC also coordinates projects announcing glory of womanhood.

Counselling Cell: The trained counsellors of ACT affirm that the students are gender gratified.  Counsellors are ready to guide their clients even to matters pertaining off-campus; home, work-place, issues with parents, mental stress, inability to concentrate on studies, student-faculty relationships, disinterestedness in studies, personal problems and so on. Pre-marital counselling is given for the needy.

Mentoring and Tutoring: Mentors and Tutors help the students by attending academically and personally and they refer the needy students to the Counselling Cell.

Rest Rooms and Medication: ACT has physical facilities exclusively for the female students and medical care is provided with the support of LISA Hospital, Thiruvambady.

Surveillances:  The Campus has round the clock surveillance with the help of security personals and CCTV, and they prevent gender related heinous activities.

Awareness Campaigns: Various seminars, workshops, and stage performances are being conducted to forgather gender consciousness and to inculcate mutual gender respect. WWC, Student Welfare Cell and Departments conduct seminars on cyber-crimes, immoral traffics, drug abuse and so on.