Alphonsa College Thiruvambady

Vision and Mission of IQAC

Vision statement: Success is not an accident; it happens when opportunity and disposition meet with planning and evaluation.

Mission statement: IQAC is committed to catalyze the quality enhancement endeavours of ACT and to ensure its sustenance.

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) is a NAAC designed mechanism to develop a quality culture at the institutional level.   It ensures that the vision, mission and long-term objectives of the institution are fulfilled in time-bound manner.  It channelizes, systematizes and monitors the Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Enhancement (QE) initiatives of the college and ensures that the standards of excellence are met and sustained.

IQAC of Alphonsa College was established on January 2020 and has become a nodal agency for setting and monitoring quality benchmarks for institution’s everyday business towards realizing QA & QE. IQAC has developed a system for self-conscious and on-going performance appraisal and evolved mechanisms and procedures for ensuring cognoscible improvements in the system so that the objectives as envisaged by NAAC are met. Further, it coordinates all the activities of the college through an organized method of internal communication by designing and approving the action plans, giving timely reminders, making proper documentation, sharing for public audit, providing for systematic evaluation and seeking the improvements.  It has designed certain ‘Best Practices’ and ensures that all the activities of ACT adopt and disseminate them.  It designs parameters and enjoins the internal and external audits; academic, administrative, cultural, environmental, constitutional and social. .