Alphonsa College Thiruvambady attempts to imbibe in its stakeholders a sense of indebtedness to the universe through celebrating the international commemorations on human rights, ecological concerns, dignity in every profession and so on.  The list of international events celebrated in Alphonsa College Thiruvambady follows: 
Days of Inter-National Significance: 
1. World Laughter Day (January 10)

2. World Cancer Day (February 04)
3. International Women’s Day (March 08)
4. World Anti-Tobacco Day (May 31)
5. World Environment Day (June 05)
6. World Blood Donors Day (June 17)
7. World Youth Day (August 12)
8. World Literacy Day (September 08)
9. World Vegan Day (November 01)
etc are celebrated in the college. These celebrations bring into the mind of students and participants a sense of indebtedness to Humanity and Environment and impart a feeling of dutifulness to the world.