Alphonsa College Thiruvambady

Departmental timetables guide the students and faculty to plan their course of action; teaching and learning with ample space for interaction, experiments and practicum.  It makes the monitoring of the periodical progress rather easy and objective.  Departmental timetables of the running semesters follow:



Sl. No.

Department of English  

Department of Psychology

             Department of Commerce                           

Department of Journalism &
 1.  Sixth Semester (2020 Adm)  Sixth Semester (2020 Adm) Sixth Semester (2020 Adm)     B.Com  Fin   B. Com CA  BBA  
 2.  Fourth Semester (2021 Adm) Fourth Semester (2021 Adm)   Fourth Semester (2021 Adm)   B.Com  Fin   B. Com CA  BBA  Fourth Semester (2021 Adm) 
 3.  Second Semester (2022 Adm)         Second Semester (2022 Adm) Second Semester (2022 Adm)      B.Com  Fin   B. Com CA  BBA       Second Semester (2022 Adm)
4.  Second Semester MA ( 2022 Adm)   Second Semester M. Com ( 2022 Adm)  
5.  Fourth Semester MA (2021 Adm)   Fourth Semester M. Com ( 2021 Adm)