Alphonsa College Thiruvambady

 In line with UGC regulations and Supreme Court Judgments Alphonsa College Thiruvambady adheres to zero-tolerance attitude towards any type of ragging. The policies and other details on anti-ragging in Alphonsa College Thiruvambady are explained below:


Ragging is prohibited by law. It is a non-bailable criminal offence and punishable with rigorous imprisonment up to seven years. Students shall not indulge in any of the following activities, which are treated as ragging:
  1. Any act that prevents, disrupts or disturbs the regular academic activity of a student
  2. Exploiting the service of a junior student by a senior stu- dent or a group of senior students
  3. Any act of financial extortion or forceful expenditure bur- den put on a junior student including fund-raising for or- ganizations
  4. Any act of physical abuse including all variants of it: an- noying, playing practical jokes, sexual abuse, homosex- ual assaults, stripping, forcing obscene and lewd acts or gestures
  5. Any act of abuse by spoken words, emails, SMS, or any other means
  6. Any word or act that causes hurt to the dignity of the individual
  7. Entering without permission into any class other than the one assigned to a student
  8. Forcing a student to boycott class without his/her con- sent to participate in strike, demonstration, dharna etc.


The complaints or information in regard to ragging could be oral or written and even from third parties. The bur- den/responsibility of proving his/her innocence rests with the accused. Complaints can be lodged with the Principal, Staff Counsellors or any of the members of the Ragging Preven- tion Committee. All complaints / information received shall be kept strictly confidential.
In the event of a student being booked in a criminal of- fence and being suspended from the college, he / she will be reinstated only after his/her obtaining clearance certificate from the concerned police officer


Ragging in all its forms is prohibited in the Col- lege campus, including the departments, all its premis- es (academic, residential, sports, canteen, restrooms, etc), within the campus or outside it and all means of transportation whether public or private. The provisions of the Act of the Central Government or the State Gov- ernments if enacted will consider ragging as a cogniza- ble offence under the law on a par with rape and other atrocities against women and ill-treatment of persons belonging to the SC/ST.
Toll Free No. 1800 - 180 - 5522
Complaints can also be filed on
ACT Anti Ragging Cell
Chairman : Dr. Chacko KV                9495643150
Convener : Fr Shenish Augustine      7012477159
Members :
(1) Mr. Sebastian M C
(2) Ms. Sneha Mathew
(3) Ms. Deepa Dominic
(4) Secretary to College Union