Alphonsa College Thiruvambady is duty bound towards the holistic development of its stakeholders.  It attends to the possibilities of its stakeholders in the academic, psychological and career aspects.  Alphonsa College Thiruvambady welcomes students from all walks of life and wholeheartedly provides them ample opportunities.  It also encourages its students to know themselves and to unearth their hidden talents so that they may be an asset for themselves, for the institution and for the nation.  All the skill development schemes can be viewed below:

Capacity Development Schemes

    The holistic development of each and every student is a declared goal of ACT.  Thus, ACT designs additional programme for academic, career and psychological support for the students.  The details follow:


Bridge Courses

    Bridge courses offer a departmental preparation for the neophytes.  Some of the students might have shifted their Higher Secondary choice of Course stream for some reasons and may find it difficult to catch up the lectures. These students and their other friends who really need an introduction to graduation programmes may make advantage of the bridge courses.

Basic English Courses

    The Department of English offers Basic language skill courses in Writing, Reading, Speaking and Grammar.  The students who shift their medium of instruction from Malayalam to English and those who need a real help in the basics of language could make use of Basic English Courses.

Remedial Classes

    As some of the slow learners fail to catch up the pace, they need special attention.  ACT has developed a mechanism, with the help of tutors and CIA Cell, to map out the students who need remedial classes.  Each and every one in the teaching staff is happy to shoulder the responsibility to attend those students personally, try to boost up their confidence and make some improvement.  Peer learning, regular reviews, question bank discussions and practice sessions are also introduced in the departments with the same intension.

Training for Competitive Examinations

    ACT has a great concern towards the academic progression of its students.  It has various additional programmes like NET/JRF coaching, IELTS coaching, Peer preparation for Central University Entrance Examinations and so on.  Fast learners can make use of these programmes and can contribute their share in their peer group.


Walk with a Scholar (WWS)

    ACT has designed its WWS programme with effective mentoring and tutoring.  While the tutors concentrate on the academic progress of their wards, the mentors attempt the holistic development of their mentees.  Mentors are trained to be active listeners and they will help the students to address their problems themselves in a sound manner.  The WWS programme is designed in a way that the unnoticed talents of the students are unearthed so as the students can proclaim themselves confidently to the peers, family and the public.

Student Welfare Cell

    Student Welfare Cell of ACT provides 24x7 continuous counselling facilities for the students.  It provides a platform to share personal, familial and peer problems and seek advice.  It is not a one-time address, but rather it provides follow ups and continuous assessments.


College Union

    College Union of ACT creates a platform for the upcoming leaders to emerge.  Union is a part of College administration and the members are supposed to guide and lead the students without any affiliation to personal ideologies.

Art, Sports and Literary Clubs and Forums

    ACT has a number of Art, Sports and Literary Clubs and Forums and these platforms share ample opportunities for developing special capabilities and talents of the students.  ACT is proud of the talents of the students and it wishes to encourage those divine gifts providing them opportunities to develop their talents and to perform both inside and outside the campus.


Career Guidance and Placement Cell

    ACT is greatly concerned about the career and placements of its students and its Career Cell is very prompt in conducting Career Counselling Sessions pertaining to each of the departments, Sessions for Interview Tackling Techniques, Developing Skills for Professional Writings – C.V or Resume etc.  ACT also welcomes placement agencies to conduct their training and thereby ensuring the placements of the students.

ED Club

    Entrepreneurship Development Schemes are the dream projects of ACT.  ED Club moves in the line attracting young entrepreneurs from the students.  ED Club conducts programmes like ‘Meet the Legend’ to inspire the youngsters to raise ‘start ups’.