Alphonsa College Thiruvambady


Objectives: IQAC of Alphonsa College, Thiruvambady wishes to develop a system for self-conscious and on-going performance appraisal and evolved mechanisms and procedures for ensuring cognoscible improvements in the system so that the objectives as envisaged by NAAC are met.


A) Ensure updated and optimum methods in teaching, learning and evaluation
(01) by proper dissemination of knowledge and research aptitude
(02) by providing participatory learning
(03) by fostering global competency
(04) by facilitating ICT enabled platforms
(05) by providing outcome based education (OBE)
(06) by fostering an academia marked by skill acquirement and inter-disciplinary approach
(07) by providing the openness to career opportunities and entrepreneurship
(08) by testing the knowledge application pro-sensitizing sound ecology and humaneness
(09) by organizing various inter and intra institutional workshops and seminars
(10) by encouraging academic collaborations in view of knowledge and technology exchange
B) Coordinate all the activities of the college through an organized method of internal communication
(01) by designing and approving the action plans
(02) by giving timely reminders
(03) by making proper documentation
(04) by sharing the activities for  public audit
(05) by providing the activities systematic evaluation  
(06) by seeking the better for the next
C) Design the ‘Best Practices’
(01) ensure that all the activities of ACT adopt and disseminate the best practices
(02) design the parameters for evaluation
D) Enjoin the internal and external audits
(01) on academic fields
(02) on administrative fields
(03) on capacity building schemes
(04) on cultural activities
(05) on environmental concerns
(06) on the adherence of constitutional values
(07) on social outreach programmes.