Quality Policy

 IQAC sets the following circumferences to materialize the vision, mission, aims and objectives of ACT


(1) Entire teaching-learning-evaluation process should be based on outcome.  The courses are to be dealt with focuses on skill development, real time application and their interdisciplinary character.
(2) The courses should provide an openness to career opportunities and entrepreneurship
(3) The learning process should not be confined to classrooms; the knowledge acquired should be disseminated beyond the boundaries of classrooms through application of the same in the society with a proactive sensibility towards sound ecology and humaneness.
(4) ACT has to organize various inter and intra institutional workshops, seminars in view of academic quality enhancement.
(4) Conduct internal and external academic audits every year


(1) The administration should be decentralized; all the stakeholders should be happy-participants in the organizational structure as there is a democratic respect for the opinions and criticism in the decision making process. They should discharge their duties with utmost sense of responsibility and commitment once a decision is voted best.
(2) The allocation of funds should be according to annual consolidated budget; the pleas of the departments and offices are to be considered and proper infrastructural augmentation, IT developments etc are to be implemented.
(3) ACT policies on infrastructure maintenance, financial mobilization, etc are to be strictly followed.
(4) E-Governance (Paper-free administration) is to be administered.
(5) ACT respects grievance and suggestions; the stakeholders are given opportunities to suggest and mark their grievances via online or offline mode.  The suggestions and grievances are to be addressed without delay, the concerned body is supposed to mark the attendance of the same and action taken report is to be procured.
(6) Students are to be made part of policy making, administration and leadership.
(7) ACT has to conduct periodical performance appraisal and the appraisal matrix is to be published for the concerned; the failures are to be corrected and progress is to be appreciated.


As a higher education institution, ACT encourages collaborations with industry, Government, NGOs, other educational institutions, community, entrepreneurs and individuals in view of knowledge and technology exchange on mutual beneficial relationship.

Social Outreach Programmes

As a higher education institution, ACT feels duty bond to inculcate in its stakeholders a sense of responsibility towards the neighbourhood, being the beneficiaries of the tax amount paid by the people for education.  Primarily, the stakeholders are supposed to pay back through their contribution to knowledge which may facilitate a better life for the world and secondarily, they are supposed to work for the people around in their physic by being active members of different clubs and forums with spectrum of social outreaching extension programmes.