Extension Activities

ACT has Academic Extension Activities as well as Social Outreach Programmes.  Proactive involvement in the extension activities is highly beneficial to the student community as they contribute to their academic excellence and character formation and instil spirit of empathy, solidarity and philanthropy. 


          All departments in collaboration with ASDP and IQAC have designed various extension lectures, fests, industrial visits and collaborated courses to acquire special skills and to get acquainted with updates in the field.  ACT has academic collaborations with IELTS coaching centres, ASAP, ACCA, ISDC, Digital Marketing Institutes, Smart Accountants Training (SAT) Programmes, CAMPUS, Pope John Paul Institute of Counselling and Psychotherapy and so on.  These supplementary platforms create ample opportunities for students to acquire mastery over the topic under study and to have a focused career.

Outreach Programme

          By contributing their time, money, mind and body to the needy community in the neighbourhood and by taking leadership initiatives to coordinate those efforts, the students, under the label of various associations and organizations of ACT, participate in local empowering strategies in collaboration with local administrative bodies.  Compassionate and Nurturing Alphonsians (CNA) is an umbrella terminology for Blood Donors Forum, Pro-Differently Abled Forum (PDF), Palliative Care Forum, ARISE and CSS.  ACT has Environmental Forums (EvF) like Green Club, Water Management Club and Waste Management Club.  These clubs and forums have programmes both inside and outside the campus well designed in their annual action plans.  Some of their activities include conduct of surveys, organization of awareness campaigns on Energy conservation and Rain Water Harvesting, Mosquito Eradication, running Charity Drives, setting up Psychological First Aids, guidance to E-Governance mechanism of the government, organizing awareness programmes on health hazards, dangers of Substance Abuse, pitfalls of addiction to junk foods and electric gadgets, village adoption programme, initiation to digital literacy, life skill courses, tuition classes, ABBACUS training, and visits to Old age Homes, Care centres and Destitute homes. ACT collaborates with Centre for Overall Development (COD) - an NGO under the auspice of the Diocese of Thamarassery, Kudumbasree Self Help groups, projects of local self government bodies, Police force and so on. Apart from these organized activities, ACT has contributed significantly in times of floods of 2018 and 2019 and the Covid-19 pandemic by a young group of volunteers.