Alphonsa College Thiruvambady

Advanced Courses:  Alphonsa College Thiruvambady has a good number of committed teachers who wish to share their expertise to aspiring students by providing them advanced courses.  Those courses provide the students to pursue research and deeper understanding on selected areas.  The details of the advanced courses are listed below:


Advanced Writing Skill

The course on Advanced Writing Skills improves the writing skills and helps to express clearly and accurately in the process of writing. It aims at familiarizing learners with the shades of effective writing.

Drama & Thetare

The performance of theatre and the dramatic arts is a medium of expression which allows performers to express themselves artistically. Those who thrive on theatre and performing arts course tend to be those who are confident and hard-working.

Fundamentals of Financial Accounting

The course explores the basic ideas of financial accounting: the way accounting actually works, the logic behind the double-entry recording system, and the contents of the basic financial statements.