Compassionate and Nurturing Alphonsians (CNA) is one of the best practices of Alphonsa College Thiruvambady, as it enables its students to identify the disabled or bedridden patients, to help them get better by providing assistance and to campaign against drugs and substances.  The details are given in the following sections:


ARISE is an voluntary social service wing of ACT which was formed in the year 2019. It is known as Alphonsians Rising to Impulse Social Empowerment, aimed at developing student's personality through community service Programmes.

Action Plan 2020

Blood Donors' Forum

Blood Donors' Forum of ACT is constituted with a vision to help and guide the blood requirements in and around the hospitals in the district. In short span, BDF has become the preferred blood donation channel for a lot of people in the locality.

Action Plan 2020

Compulsory Social Service

Compulsory Social Service is a part of curriculum introduced by University of Calicut for students at degree level. It makes the students aware of their duties and responsibilities to the society. It is often done near the area where you live, so your own society reaps the benefits of your work.
    1. To prepare the students to fulfill their responsibility towards the society
    2. To develop initiative and interpersonal communication skills
    3. To prepare students for ethical decision making 
Executive Body

Convener: Mr. Alex Benny and Ms. Sheebamol Joseph
Student Coordinator: Albin Jinson (1st year B.Com. C.A.)
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Palliative Care Forum

Palliative Care Forum is an active group of volunteers. They used to manage and deliver the best palliative and end-of-life care to the needy. ACT associates with with LISA Palliative Care, Thiruvambady for guidance and the student volunteers are happy to visit the bedridden and provide with psychological and physical support.

Action Plan 2020

Anti-Drug Cell

Anti-Drug Cell ensures a drug- free campus by imposing a total ban on the possession or consumption of drugs/alcohol inside outside the campus. It promotes an awareness on the necessity of drug free society.

Action Plan 2020

Anti-Ragging Cell

Anti-Ragging Cell is statutory body envisaged by UGC to maintain academic ambience in higher education institutions. ACT holds zero tolerance towards any type of ragging behavior and ensures equity among the students. The details of Anti- Ragging Cell and its mode of functioning are described below:

Action Plan 2020

Pro-Differently Abled Forum (PDF)

Pro-Differently abled Forum (PDF) is an association of Alphonsa College Thiruvambady to help the Needy.  There is no greater disability in society than the inability to see a person as more.  We prepare our students for careers and active citizenship by providing a high quality education and also prepare the students for social services.

Alphonsa College Thiruvambady has always been committed to sensitizing its students on issues relating to society.  Thus it encourages its members to be pro – active towards sustainable development in their given milieu.  The project Differently Abled consists of a dedicated group of students who are not there just to wear badge, and to get an extra tick mark to their report card.  With a group of 135 students, the project Pro differently abled forum of Alphonsa College Thiruvambady stands for the betterment of society.


To conduct and or participate in seminars, camps, conferences, research and training programmes.
To aid and support deserving persons with disabilities and the aged wherever and whenever necessaries
To organize, undertake, co-ordinate guide, assist and promote integrated rural approach. 
Recognize the abilities of people with disabilities
Feel comfortable addressing disability  positive images of people with disabilities
Use language that creates positive images of people with disabilities
Develop empathy to know and understand what it may feel like to have a disability

To sensitize common people about the condition of people with disabilities;
To conduct research and studies to formulate innovative, creative and meaningful development programmes for the special people;
To create opportunity for social and cultural activities for mainstreaming of their talents;
To evolve strategies and schemes for people with disability in the form of mass media campaigns, community awareness programs, integrated education programs, help lines etc.
To extend support for improving quality of life by taking care of their mental health.
To extend support by instituting scholarships or other means of achieving excellence in areas having a bearing on economic well-being of the poor disabled.


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