Alphonsa College Thiruvambady



Jesus youth is A Missionary Movement at the service of the church’, and sharing the person, the message and the love of Jesus is of prime importance at all times. Besides witnessing to the Gospel in their everyday lives, individuals and groups within the movement initiate and support specific missions around the world.
To enable the young people with a new vision rooted in the person and work of Jesus Christ, equipping them to live out the values of God's reign and putting their faith into practice.

Aims and Objectives

Empower and sensitize young people to critically analyze issues pertaining their life in church and society. 
To shape their perspectives on various issues like Ecology, Gender Justice, Caste system, Globalization, Girl Child, Media and its effects, Addiction and Abuse, Politics, Inter-faith dialogue and so on…
Make them an integral part of the church its worship mission and structure. 
Providing leadership at various levels of church structure and participatory involvement in decision making process.
To build a healthy and strong network with the youths of other zones, coming together for a common cause, putting their faith in practice and envisioning a better church and a wider society.
To make them servant leaders of  Lord  Jesus Christ to serve the church.
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Jesus Youth Report  2021-2022 Click Here