Value Statement: In line with the vision and mission of ACT, IQAC functions to materialize the core values of ACT; Faith in God, Social Responsibility, Moral Integrity and Excellence.  Moreover, IQAC is duty bound to materialize its mission statement; to catalyze the quality enhancement endeavours and to ensure its sustenance.

Functioning Policy: IQAC ACT functions as a nodal agency for the development and application of quality benchmarks for the various academic, administrative, non-academic, society oriented activities of Alphonsa College, Thiruvambady.  It facilitates

(1) outcome based, learner centric, IT enabled, participative and career oriented academic environment,

(2) decentralized, internally communicating and electronically governed administration,

(3) internal and external audits

(4) recognition from agencies of national accreditation.

Functions of IQAC

A) Academic

(01) It provides learner-centric quality education environment.

(02) It provides ICT enabled learning as well as access to world-wide knowledge repositories.

(03) It ensures the teaching, learning and evaluation processes meet the need of the time.

(04) It coordinates special programmes for career prospects and entrepreneurship.

(05) It provides FDP programmes for updated mastery of teaching faculties.

(06) It collaborates with various institutions in view of knowledge exchange.

(07) It provides sessions for the proliferation on significant and contemporary knowledge updates.

(08) It establishes procedures for the appraisals of academic performance at a mouse click.

(09) It provides special programmes for both advanced and slow learners.

B) Administration

(01) It offers E-Governed administration and internal communication system through CMS.

(02) It develops a system of timely redress of grievances and address of suggestions.

(03) It facilitates decentralized administration with commendable participation from students.

(04) It facilitates the annual budget allocation and ensures the infrastructure and IT augmentation.

(05) It designs the performance appraisal system and monitors the progress periodically.

(06) It ensures the enlivenment of financial mobilization and infrastructure maintenance policies.

C) Collaboration

(01) It ensures the institution’s collaborations with industry, Government, NGOs, other educational institutions, community, entrepreneurs and individuals in view of knowledge and technology exchange on mutual beneficial relationship.

D) Social Outreach Programmes

(01) It encourages its stakeholders to contribute to knowledge which may facilitate a better life for the world

(02) It ensures that the students of ACT are active members of some clubs or forums and fulfills their social commitment.

E) IQAC Proper

(01) IQAC coordinates all activities of the college through an organized internal communication system.

(02) IQAC ensures that all the activities of ACT adopt and disseminate the ‘Best Practices’ designed by it.

(03) IQAC helps the executive bodies of every forum in the college to design their annual plan of action with budget specifications.

(04) IQAC acts as a nodal agency to get the action plans and budget approved from the concerned authorities.

(05) IQAC gives timely reminders by publishing monthly planners and personal notices for the organizers facilitating them to initiate their programmes as per their action plans.

(06) IQAC helps the forums to publish the events through website, Alphonsa Media, and newspapers in view of public audit.

(07) IQAC ensures that proper evaluation of every event is conducted in view of improvements. 

(08) IQAC ensures the proper documentation (planning, event proper, publishing and evaluation) of every event.

(09) IQAC designs the parameters and enjoins the internal and external audits; academic, administrative, cultural, environmental, constitutional and social.