Alphonsa College Thiruvambady

Inclusive Environment Plan of ACT

ACT upholds an all-inclusive policy and promotes tolerance and harmony towards cultural, regional, linguistic, communal, social, economic and other diversities.  It strongly condemns all sectarian beliefs and ascribing privileges to certain segments of society based on their gender, class, educational status, financial status, caste, locale, place of origin, religion and so on.  As humans, all are equal but different in talents and orientations, yet yield evil when contaminated by sectarian interests.  ACT dreams a world where mutual respect, support and care flourish through its dispensation of proper education.

Admission Policy: ACT follows all government regulations regarding reservations and it wholeheartedly invites students from scheduled categories to the institution.  It venerates the national policy of ‘unity in diversity’ and works for a spectrum of students and staff with every possibility of heterogeneity. 

Student Welfare Cell: SWC designs various programmes to indoctrinate the student community regarding the value of human dignity, mutual respect, equality, and love for fellow beings.  It also facilitates a genuine platform for the students to raise their concerns and difficulties to the notice of the authorities.  ACT helps the students through mentoring, tutoring and counselling to furnish their metal and to lead a career with proper orientation and dignity.

SC/ST Officer: As per the regulations put forward by the affiliating University, ACT has appointed an SC/ST Officer to take care of students from the weaker sections of the society.

Grievance Redressal Cell: GRC of ACT has sections like Ethics & Discipline Committee, Ragging Prevention Committee and Internal Assessment Grievance Redress Cell. Any grievances could be brought forward through the Grievance Box and the Website.  ACT has developed a mechanism to notify the grievances within a day and address the matter within the very next day.  All of the processes are amply documented and duly countersigned.  Anonymity of the parties are kept in required cases and due actions are taken without unnecessary delay.  Matters pertaining to behaviours challenging the Inclusive Environment Policy of ACT would be dealt with very seriously.

Scholarships and Free-ships: The students from weaker segments of the society are given Institutional Scholarships and Free-ships.