Alphonsa College Thiruvambady

Bishop Mar. Remigiose Inchananiyil

Education determines the culture of any country. The church was the first to recognize this and put it into practice. The unique contributions that the Church has made in the field of education are controlling the dynamics of the world today. The unique contributions made by the missionaries who came to Kerala have helped to bring Kerala to the forefront especially in the field of education, not only in India but all over the world. This is a great mission that the Church has always undertaken.

It is with this in mind that the Alphonsa College was started in 2014 under the leadership of the Alphonsa Trust, in an immigrant village at Thiruvambady to provide a good education for the children of this area for the growth of the immigrant population. It is with gratitude that I remember this institution was able to easily reach everyone’s heart in very short of time. I remember with gratitude all those who has supported for the growth of this college.

What makes a person a good citizen? That is discipline. Only the disciplined can do well in society. Otherwise there will be anarchy in the society. It will always lead to the chaos and crisis of the society. Alphonsa College aims to nurture disciplined and good citizens. We know that this has made possible in the past. Good citizens, however, must love society, must help each other and work for the good of the country. This is what we aim for as good citizens. We all know that Alphonsa College has been able to achieve this goal in recent times.

Let us love this college and work together for the growth of this college. The goal is for us to have a loving community. Our children should get a good education and they should be able to reach the highest ranks like the children in the cities and make a great contribution to this society. Our children in immigrant areas should not be left behind. I especially request the support from all of you for the growth of this college which started with this one goal. Let’s work together. Let’s move forward together.

God bless you all.