Alphonsa College Thiruvambady

The College Emblem

The Classic shield represents the symbol of protection. The college uses this branding concept to represent strength, well controlled society, as well as protection & safety within a group of people. The Blue shield stands for steadfastness, strength, truth and loyalty. It conveys that the college guarantees security and safety. The colour 'white' denotes perfection. White means safety, purity, and cleanliness. The symbols of quality education (the graduation cap) and wisdom (open text) are given in white background which represents the perfection and purity of education and wisdom provided by the college. Blue colour is associated with depth, stability, loyalty and truth. The symbols of victory (the trophy) and enlightenment (the Deepam) are given in blue background which represent the in-depth knowledge and social commitment. This emblem symbolizes that education leads to victory and wisdom leads to enlightenment.

The Motto

Our Motto “To Witness To the Truth” proclaims that we all should bear witness to the Real Truth i.e., God Almighty, get liberated from bondage and be led to the final destination Eternal Life.